I’ve been looking at my bookshelves lately. It’s been many years now that I have culled, curated and obsessed over my bookshelves, collecting those books which spark something in me, a longing, an idea, a connection to the writer. In the past few weeks I’ve decided to notice the women writers and inspired by a pack of cards my friend Deirdre gave me on women writers, I decided to tape a few of their images to the shelves so I could see their faces. I liked this. It felt good to have their faces looking back at me. I want to be in their company. It’s been a long and difficult road for many of these writers and they have forged a path for all of us, men and women, because the publishing world has been mostly white men for a very long time. That, thank goodness, is changing.

I decided to do a short project of finding the pictures, the faces of the women writers in my collection. I found 140 of them. And here they are, to inspire you. I’m adding more all the time. These are by no means all the women authors I know and admire. These are the ones I have at least one book from, one that touched me deeply and reminds me to keep writing. I tend to my own little library of these books that I want to live with. Of course I have books written by men too. I firmly believe men are the equals to women, when they try hard.

To learn the names of these authors, click on the info button. (the little ‘i’ with a circle around it)