I’ve been a storyteller all my life–visually, through art and film, and with words. I grew up in Los Angeles, studied art, design, folklore and mythology and, after doing a fair bit of teaching in the states, I immigrated to the UK in 2009 where I taught art and design in London. This is where I changed my artistic practice to fiction writing.

I write to explore human nature, to understand what motivates us, and what challenges us and to discover more about the subconscious desires that influence the choices we make. My work explores the quest for identity, the experience of otherness, feminism through time, and those things that give meaning to our lives.

Because I’m a visual storyteller as well as a verbal one, I like to make drawings, collages and visual diaries and sketches that help me to write the story. I’m making some of that visual material available on Instagram when a book comes out.


I also love to take pictures and collect images. I’ll be sharing some of my collections on social media too.

My short story ‘Life Lessons’ was first published in The Saturday Evening Post’s Best American Fiction of 2015 with an honourable mention.

My novella, A Cornish Odyssey, is out now, June 2022, under the imprint Flying Start Press, and is available in all formats on Amazon and in print on Ingram Sparks and the Hastings Bookshop.

I’m working on two more novellas for a series that continues A Cornish Odyssey.

I’m also working on three historical novels. Three Steps of the Sun, Wings, and Swan Diaries.

A Cornish Odyssey by Axel Forrester