July 2022

I was awakened by words. Usually, it’s images that pull me awake, on the screen of my mind–the leftovers of a dream. But this time it was words. Whole sentences were floating past me, and I knew I had to catch them. I got out of bed, and step by step, felt my way along the wood floor to my desk. It was still dark, so I knew it was the middle of the night. No signs of morning light coming through the curtains, but there was, framed by the window, a blazing full moon.

Sitting down in my chair, I decided against turning on the light. I didn’t want it to chase the words away. There was the time on my laptop, 2:43. I pulled my notebook toward me on the desk and opened it to a blank page, grabbed a pen and started writing:

Something has happened, announcing itself in my mind and waking me up. Something that wasn’t supposed to be. The stars have stubbornly misaligned, and while the odds are reconfiguring, all bets are off. This thing wants an intro, a drum roll, a riff, because it’s here baby. It’s here!

I had no idea what this meant, but it was down on paper now, so I stood up to go back to bed. I’d think about it tomorrow. I had one more look at that glorious moon and took a picture of it with my phone before returning to my sleep.

It was a few days later that I found out that on the early morning of July 14,th when I had been at my desk, at 2:38 in the morning, just five minutes before I wrote down the time, the Perigee Supermoon, reached its brightest point. Astrology calls this moon an awakening that celebrates a balance between the forces of Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer values private life, the need for home and domesticity, a looking inward. Capricorn leans toward public life, career, and engagement in the world. This is a new unity then, a collaboration instead of a struggle between opposites. These things had been at odds in me for a long time, but recently, I’d noticed something had shifted. Maybe this was it.

Having taken the very public step to publish my book, A Cornish Odyssey, independently, I’ve made a start to find readers. Writing is done privately, in my writing place, at home, and feels very personal. Publishing is engaging with the world and while this has been a step that feels risky, it also feels empowering. I also feel grateful to my readers, and to all those who have helped in this process. It continues to unfold. I’m learning and growing. Thank you Supermoon, for marking the occasion of this balance of inside and outside, of home and the world. It’s here, baby. It’s here.