It’s no secret that I like chocolate. And chocolate with coffee is my favourite combination. So when I stumbled upon Coastal Coco in the Queen’s Arcade and met James, it felt like I must have done something right. It was like entering a little corner of heaven.

First, was the almost hidden element of the place. I’d gone down what felt like a secret alley, having noticed the standing sign. I was on my way to acting class which is in the same building. The colours of the place hit me first. Beautiful green/blues, flashes of gold here and there. Then the smile of the man behind the counter. I confessed my weakness for chocolate as my eyes were drawn up to the framed chemical formula for chocolate he had on his wall.

He understands me!

When I asked him about a mocha, that delight of chocolate and coffee together, he raised his hand to show me he offered not one, but four types of chocolate to add to the coffee.


Everything I’ve tried here has been A-MAZING. It is my place of worship, along with the Hastings Bookshop. If they were in the same building, I’d never leave.

I am deeply conflicted about writing this blog, because once I discovered James and his beautiful shop where he makes the chocolate, I began to hoard it, telling friends that if they were very very good, I would show them the secret spot. And slowly, slowly, I have brought them here, one by one, and they too have been BLOWN AWAY, by the amazing chocolate styling and artistry of James the Chocolatier.

But in the end, when I shared my conflict with him, he shyly admitted that he would rather I not keep it a secret. So here it is. Run, do not walk, to:

Coastal Coco, 14-16 Queens Arcade, in Hastings.

Your Welcome