2021 Top 10% of 11,000 entries in the Bridport Prize First Novel Competition

2020  Long Listed Cinnamon Press Pencil Competition

2015  Honorable Mention in Best American Fiction of 2015 by Saturday Evening Post for ‘Life Lessons’

2014 Long Listed Short Story Competition Creative Writing Matters

2013 Long Listed Short Story Competition Cinnamon Press

2008  Indie Grits Film Festival Helen Hill Award, Columbia, SC

2008  Grant, South Carolina Arts Commission, SC

2007 Artist Residency, Experimental Television Center, NY

2007 Grant, The Surdna Foundation, New York, NY

2006 Grant, South Carolina Arts Commission, SC

2005 Grant, Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Los Angeles,CA

2003 Grant, Metropolitan Arts Council, Greenville, SC

2002 Grant, Metropolitan Arts Council, Greenville, SC

2001 & 2002 Outstanding Teacher, National Scholastic Arts and Writing

2001 Grant, Metropolitan Arts Council, Greenville, SC

2001 Grant, South Carolina Arts Commission, SC

1992 Fellowship, University of California Los Angeles, Folklore and Mythology

1991 Grant, Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA

1989 Experimental Video Award, American Film Institute, Hollywood,  CA


2020    Field Research, Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Iceland

2018    Field Research, Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Iceland

2010    Borders,  solo exhibition,  Furman University Art Gallery,  Greenville,  SC,  USA

2008   Traumbagger,  multimedia collaboration,  Institute of Cultural Inquiry,  Greenville,  SC, USA

2008    Indie Grits Film Festival, video installation,  Columbia,  SC, USA

2008    Borders,  solo exhibition,  Lipscomb Gallery,  Greenville,  SC, USA

2008    Wasted Wine, visuals for performance at Coffee Underground, Greenville, SC, USA

2008   Eight Oh Eight,  group show,  Contemporary Art Forum,  Greenville,  SC, USA

2007    Field Research, Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Venice,  Italy

2007    7 x 7,  group show at the Metropolitan Arts Council,  Greenville,  SC, USA

2005   Pilgrimages: A Journey Through W.B. Sebald’s Rings of Saturn, Field Research, Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Suffolk, England

2004   The Dialectic Image, video installation, University of the Arts, London, UK

2004   Demotic, a multimedia collaborative performance, The  Beall Center for Art and Technology,  UC Irvine,  CA,  USA

2003   Aspire  Greenville,  group exhibition,  Greenville,  SC, USA

2003  WIPP JAM: Women In Productive Professions, exhibition, Columbia,  SC, USA

2003  The Roman Forum Project, multi-media collaboration, Plaintext Players  UC Irvine,  CA,  USA

2002  Virtual Live, multi-media collaboration,  Plaintext Players,   Location One,  New York,  NY,  USA

2002  Passages, video installation,  Sam Francis Gallery,  Los Angeles, CA,  USA

2001  Passages, video installation, South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities,  Greenville,  SC,  USA

2000   The Roman Forum,  multi-media collaboration,  Plaintext Players,  Los Angeles,  CA,  USA

2000   The Coronation of Poppea, multi-media collaboration,  Plaintext Players,  Bonn,  Germany

1999   Birth of the Christ Child,  multi-media collaboration, Plaintext Players,  Literaturehaus,  Munich, Germany

1999   The Manual of Lost Ideas, collaboration,  Institute of Cultural  Inquiry,  Los Angeles,  CA,  USA

1997   The White Whale,  multi-media collaboration,  Plaintext Players, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

1995  Gutter City, multi-media collaboration,  Plaintext Players,  Digital  Salon,  New York,  NY,  USA

1995   Little Hamlet,   multi-media collaboration,  Plaintext Players,  Blast  4,  London,  UK

1995   Traumbagger,  multi-media collaboration,  Los Angeles,  CA,  USA

1993   The Green Box,  film/video,  International Video Festival,  Brazilia, Brazil

1993   New California Video,  film/video, Long Beach Museum of Art,  Long Beach, CA,  USA

1993  The Green Box,  film/video, National Short Video Festival,  Salt Lake City, UT,  USA

1993  The Green Box,  film/video,  American Film Institute International Video Festival, Los Angeles, CA,  USA

1992   Incline,  film/video, American Film Institute International  Video Festival,  Los Angeles,  CA,  USA

1992   Solstice I & II: Porftable Lacan,  contributor, Museum  of Forgery, Los Angeles, CA,  USA

1991   Incline,  film/video,  Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions,  Los Angeles,  CA,  USA

1991   Le Deluge,  film/video installation, Highways Contemporary Art Space,  Los Angeles,  CA. USA

1990   The AIDS Bottle Project,  collaborator,  Los Angeles County Museum of Art,  Los Angeles,  CA,  USA

1989   Le Deluge,  film/video installation collaboration,  Los Angeles Fringe Festival,  Los Angeles,   CA,  USA

1988   Sinking,   film/video installation collaboration,  SITE,  Los Angeles,  CA,  USA

1987   Lost and Found,  Fringe Festival,  Los Angeles, CA,  USA


American Film Institute

Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Los Angeles, CA

Long Beach Museum of Art

Security Pacific Corporation Art Collection


2015   Life Lessons, by Axel Forrester published in Best Short Stories from The Saturday Evening Post 2015

2008  ‘And the Grit Goes To,’  Skirt! Magazine, Columbia, SC,  USA, April 23, 2008

2008  ‘Indie Grits, Take Two,’ Freetimes, Columbia, SC,  USA, April 15, 2008

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2008  ‘What’s in a Dream?’ Cindy Landrum, Greenville Journal, Vol. 10, No. 16 April 18, 2008

2007 Searching For Sebald, contributing artist, ICI Publication, Dr. Lise Patt, Ed.

2003 featured in “Artist Profile,” Greenville Magazine October Issue,  Greenville, SC,  USA

2003 Idea Revolution, by Clare Warmke 

2002  ‘The Birth of the Christ Child,’ Marlena Corcoran,  in PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, MIT Press, Fall/2002 

2001  Benjamin’s Blind Spot, Edited by Lise Patt

2000  ‘The Roman Forum,’ Todd Martens,  L.A.Times Online, (8/10/2000)

1999  ‘Life and Death in the Digital World of the Plaintext Players,’ Marlena Corcoran, in Leonardo Magazine32:5, (10/99)

1995 ‘A World Exhilarating and Wrong:  Theatrical Improvisation on the Internet,’ Antoinette LaFarge, Leonardo Magazine, 28:5, (October 1995)



I’ve been an art and design teacher at Whittier College, Ca., California State University Long Beach, Ca., Burlington Technical Center, Vt., South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities and the American School in London. It has been an honour and privilege to serve and learn from my students and colleagues.



2020-2021             mentor: Jacqui Lofthouse, The Writing Coach

2019-2020             mentor: Sara Sares,  Blue Pencil Agency

2015-2017             MSc Creative Writing, University of Edinburgh

1990-1992             Graduate Work and Fellowship, Folklore and Mythology Program, University of California at Los Angeles

1987-forever         Lise Patt, Christel Dilbohner, Antoinette LaFarge and Fellows of the Institute of Cultural Inquiry

1980-1986             MFA Drawing and Painting, California State University Long Beach

1973-1977             BFA Fine Art and Design, Brigham Young University